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1978-01-30 | Francis Fox Resignation

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Francis Fox announces his resignation as federal solicitor general amid scandal.

Date: 1978-01-30
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << drive time from cabinet on Friday would like to tell the house of the events that led to my resignation a few years ago before I entered the cabinet I was involved Mabry place on with a married woman became pregnant and security for a therapeutic abortion the hospital I sign the name of her husband when admitting document this fact has become known in the last few days I discussed it with the Prime Minister and tendered my resignation which she has accepted I have today and started my Council to advise the Attorney General of the problems concerned so that he may be a right of the matter is the speaker these are the facts which the house should know I take full responsibility for them wooden floor honorable members on the media speak for themselves and not seek further details which would only cause harm other individuals and family listen to let the no way affected the work I undertook a solicitor general nor was it known to any official with whom I have worked I think you'll regret the difficulties of my resignation because to the prime minister to my colleagues in the cabinet I considered a great person laundry to observe during the past 16 months as a member of the cabinet and threw it the people of Canada I need the office of solicitor general of Canada and circumstances which I deeply regret that the ministry and its agencies mention >>