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1981-05-23 | David Lewis Obit

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Former federal NDP leader David Lewis died. Canadian Press reporter John McKay had this report.

Date: 1981-05-23
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << David Lewis was the last of a long string of skilled socialist orator is that led first the CCF than its successor then he Democratic party born a polish jew and 1909 Lewis came from a family of political activist that led Europe in the 1920s he became Secretary of the old TCF in 1936 a job be held for two years without pay he didn't spend twelve years is National secretary working his way up first and then the uniting 62 and eventually to replace Tommy Douglas as party leader in 1971 this time of Glory in Canadian politics came the following year when is NDP rump held the balance of power in the minority Trudeau government is labeling a big business is corporate welfare bums became a byword for the 72 campaign by 74 Louisville he'd run all of the concessions possible out of the Liberals and felt no Shima doll and dumping the government on the budget of then finans Minister John Turner I feeling fine and I think we have to do what we did we couldn't in conscience support then we weresupport the government when it produces this kind of of inadequate budget doesn't serve the people either on the cost of living or unfairness but I did have to be Lewis lost his own seat in an NDP wipe out in 74 and was replaced as party leader by Ed Broadband but it's raining oratoria still remembered on Parliament Hill the typical David Lewis tour involved the young socialist application for a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford back in 1931 is interview was with the president of the Canadian Pacific Railway sir Edward BD when asked what the first step would be if you were elected prime minister without batting an eye Louis replied nationalize the CPR you still got the scholarship this is John McKay in Ottawa >>