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1981-10-07 | Trudeau Constitution

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Prime Minister Trudeau, at the wrap-up the Commonwealth Conference, admitted he never read the final communiqué.

Date: 1981-10-07
Placeline: MELBOURNE, Australia.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I have lumps in my ribs as a communicator fast food some seven or eight days of discussions around it and I reserved course during the final stage of a including or non including some square brackets baktun I really can't give you an argument on what the communique says I do know that there was very firm position taken positions taken join the discussion on the importance of making progress in certain specific areas food and agriculture energy financial institutions energy affiliates the energy affiliate on global negotiations no if you see something the text which should is less than the strong message so be it but that that is an impression I got from participating in the dialogue >>