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1982-01-22 | Constitution Near Miss

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Canada narrowly missed a major constitutional crisis in November, 1981. Canadian Press reporter John McKay had this report.

Date: 1982-01-22
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 41 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << in a rare media interview Governor General Ed schrier has revealed he was fully prepared to pull the plug on the liberal government late last year if prime minister Trudeau had tried to go ahead and unilaterally was Constitution patriation plans dryer told the Canadian press you would have stepped in and caused a federal election if the last-ditch November 1st ministers conference it failed whoever he adds in his opinion the situation was never even close to requiring such action on his part it's been 55 years since the governor general in the Canadian Prime Minister locked horns although similar confrontation did occur in Australia several years ago there was a former Indy Premier before being appointed to the vice-regal position by Trudeau John McKay in Ottawa >>