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1984-04-02 | Susan Nelles Sopinka

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Thirty-six mysterious infant deaths at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children prompted a police investigation in 1981. Police laid four charges of first-degree murder against nurse Susan Nelles, but they were dropped at a preliminary hearing due to a lack of evidence. A royal commission was called to find out why so many of the babies died with elevated levels of the drug digoxin. Nelles answered many questions at the inquiry in 1984, including these from her lawyer John Sopinka. (The Grange royal commission concluded that as many as 23 of the deaths on the cardiac ward between June of 1980 and April of 1981 may have been caused by the drug digoxin. No other charges were laid. In August 1989 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Nelles could sue former attorney general Roy McMurtry of Ontario and two prosecutors for malicious prosecution.)

Date: 1984-04-02
Placeline: TORONTO, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << did you at any time administer digoxin or any other drug to a child that was not prescribed for the child did you at any time consciously administer digoxin or any other drug to a child in excess of the amount prescribed ever mistakenly administer and no overdose of digoxin or any other drugs with child or administer digoxin or other drug to a child it was not prescribed digoxin >>