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1989-01-08 | Anglophone Rally

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A thousand Anglophones rallied in Montreal early in the new year against Quebec's Bill 178 -- the law that bans all languages but French from the outside of buildings in Quebec. Stephen Rowell -- a Montreal bookstore owner whose shop was vandalized after he posted an English sign in his shop window -- told the meeting that losing a few windows meant nothing in a fight for civil rights.

Date: 1989-01-08
Placeline: MONTREAL, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 30 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << prices on angles on Alamo make no difference you have a right Tupelo signs you have a right to say what you think and yet did the fear the fear stop that many stores front windows I had to stick that up in my window I will pick that up in my window and it'll stay up in my window >>