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1990-04-11 | Harold Ballard

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Toronto Maple Leafs and Hamilton Tiger Cats owner Harold Ballard died April 11 1990. One of his proudest moments came in November 1986, when the Ti-Cats won the Grey Cup in Vancouver. Ballard said the Cup win was sweet -- but beating the Argos was sweeter.

Date: 1990-04-11
Placeline: VANCOUVER, British Columbia.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << one of the greatest victories are one of the part of the greatest victories of this Victory today was knocking the Argos out the great pride and joy of the Toronto media they can do no wrong they can do nothing but shame the art of the Tiger Cats but we turn the tables on them and it was a great joy for me to be here today to see it done and I'm getting sick and tired of winning the Eastern so I thought I'd better come over here and grab a little bit of the big stuff the great cup >>