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1990-04-23 | CF 18s

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On April 23 Defense Minister Bill McKnight suspended training involving our CF-18 fighter jets for two days after a rash of accidents. Captain Hollis Thomas had just died during a training crash near CFB Cold Lake. A week earlier Captain Timothy Leuty of Meaford, Ontario died in a collision over Germany. Colonel Dave Jurkowski, base commander at CFB Cold Lake, insisted the plane was safe, and stressed the need for realistic combat training. But he conceded that the highly computerized CF-18 may be too much for a pilot to handle under some circumstances.

Date: 1990-04-23
Placeline: EDMONTON, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << experience has shown with other nations in war that if they're not ready to fight they're not going to survive more than a few missions so the the training has to be as realistic as possible so that in a real Combat situation and God forbid that happens of course in today's world he has to expect and be able to react accordingly instinctively quickly he can't afford to make mistakes if there is a Deadman >>