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1992-01-17 | Bare Breasts

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Gwen Jacob of Guelph, Ontario, went on a topless stroll on a hot summer day in 1991, and was charged for it. She was found guilty of indecent exposure and fined 75 dollars. The judge rejected Jacob's argument that women have as much right to bare their breasts in public as men. Jacob said it's more than a case of changing community standards -- it's a matter of centuries-old bias against women. Jacob vowed to bare her breasts again if the weather was hot enough. (She bared her breasts again during a protest with other like minded-individuals at Fort Erie, Ontario in August. She removed her top as she crossed into the US. New York State law does not expressly prohibit such activity.)

Date: 1992-01-17
Placeline: GUELPH, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << no I haven't learned my lesson and you can put me in contempt of court and you can put me in contempt of patriarchy if he likes and that's fine I haven't I haven't I mean what's the lesson to learn the lesson to learn is that you know that the system is bias and I knew that when I went into it >>