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1992-05-26 | Dryden Inquiry

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The final judicial inquiry report into the 1989 Dryden air crash blamed both Air Ontario and Transport Canada for the accident as well as pilot error. Justice Virgil Moshansky said the Air Ontario jet that crashed on March 10, 1989, killing 24 people, was doomed before it left the snow-slicked runway. In his final report Moshansky said the clear cause of the crash was ice and snow on the wings. He said the pilot decided to take off because of scheduling pressure and Air Ontario's decision to clear the flight. And, Moshansky blamed Transport Canada for not investigating previous wing icing problems at Air Ontario. (A few days before the Moshansky report came down another Fokker-28 jet crashed in icy conditions at New York's La Guardia airport. Twenty-seven people died in that crash.)

Date: 1992-05-26
Placeline: TORONTO, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << after more than two years of intensive investigation and public hearings I have concluded that this accident did not just happen by chance it was allowed to happen >>