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1992-06-06 | Fisheries deal

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Countries from around the world agreed to set up new rules for fishing on the high seas. The agreement reached June 6 at the Earth Summit in Rio was hailed by Fisheries Minister John Crosbie as a breakthrough in Canadian efforts to stop overfishing off Newfoundland. (The agreement committed approximately 180 countries "to the conservation and sustainable use of marine living resources on the high seas." Crosbie said a follow up conference on fishing on the high seas would likely be held in St. John's in 1993. It would focus on fish stocks straddling the 200-mile limit.)

Date: 1992-06-06
Placeline: RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we have now got the whole world aware of this problem sympathetic with us and a green that steps must be taken to a put a proper regime in face or hi-seas fishing because that there's obvious Bank in the law of the sea at the present time that permits overfishing of straddling stocks with fatty damages coastalstates then so this is a major step forward >>