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1992-08-12 | Yugoslavia Mackenzie

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Canadian Major General Lewis MacKenzie told his UN bosses that any Western military option, up to and including air attacks on Serb forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina, would cost the UN its peacekeepers. (Mackenzie was the head of the UN forces in Sarajevo for five months. He opened the airport to international relief supplies in early July.)

Date: 1992-08-12
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it doesn't take a genius to discover that they're probably the most important hostages that we've seen in a long time they would be taken hostage or 250 kilometers from the nearest border so if you want to sacrifice the UN peacekeeping force it has a limited ability for self-defense over. We're both 48 hours then come on in and take on one side of the other and immediately affiliate the peacekeeping force with a side that's doing the attacking >>