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1993-06-12 | Mulroney Goodbye

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More than five thousand Conservative party members put leadership politics aside and crammed into a sweltering hockey arena to say goodbye to Brian Mulroney. In the final words of his farewell speech, Mulroney was somewhat philosophical. (Mulroney used his goodbye forum to take a swipe at Pierre Trudeau, saying the former Liberal prime minister had left "a flawed inheritance" of economic and constitutional problems that could no longer be "finagled or finessed.")

Date: 1993-06-12
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 27 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << at what time is also coming to thank you to say good night and over why to all of you I say in the words of uh think where man's Glory most begins and ends and say my glory was that I had such friends >>