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1995-02-13 | Airborne video scandal

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The army general who took the rap for a contentious Canadian Forces videotape was relieved of his post, but remained unapologetic. Major General Brian Vernon was reassigned after the military said he provided inaccurate and misleading information to his superiors about a third Airborne videotape. He said it contained "innocuous scenes," but his higher-ups thought "self-imposed electric-shock testing" and soldiers shaving their heads was more than a breach of military discipline. Vernon held a news conference and said he was not guilty and that he hadn't changed his opinion of the videotape. Previously revealed personal videos by Canadian Forces members recorded brutal hazing rituals and racist tirades.

Date: 1995-02-13
Placeline: TORONTO, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 27 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << it shows soldiers blowing off steam and a barrage yard setting the Ambiance is festive it's marked by High Spirits physical strength competitions and considerable beer-drinking isolated scenes might be offensive to civilian or bureaucratic viewers there is no evidence of racism harassment injury or torsion >>