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1997-02-11 | Morin Inquiry

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An inquiry opened in Toronto into the wrongful conviction of Guy Paul Morin. One of the first witnesses was a former cellmate of Morin's. Robert May returned to his original claim that Morin had confessed to murdering nine-year-old Christine Jessop. May had recanted that testimony in 1993, but told the inquiry that that retraction was a lie. Morin described May's testimony as pathetic. (DNA evidence cleared Morin in 1995. Christine Jessop's 1984 murder in Queensville, north of Toronto, is still unsolved.)

Date: 1997-02-11
Placeline: TORONTO, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it's obvious that Tom has maintained his life for his own salvation clear otherwise he be charged with perjury >>