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1997-07-14 | Hamilton Fire

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A huge toxic fire gutted a plastics and vinyl recycling plant in Hamilton on July 9th. Officials issued a voluntary evacuation notice for about four thousand people in a 15-block area around the plant. Health officials said there was no long-term damage from the smoke and fumes. But residents like Clive Jones said they were getting mixed messages about just how safe the area was. (Greenpeace called the Plastimet site the most toxic in Canada after its tests showed dioxin levels up to 25 times higher than provincial standards. Ministry of Environment tests show levels 50 times the standard. But officials said the dioxin was confined to the site itself, and much more extensive testing of surrounding areas proved they were safe.)

Date: 1997-07-14
Placeline: HAMILTON, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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