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1997-07-25 | Hepatitis lawsuit

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Canada's biggest-ever health related lawsuit was launched on behalf of people who got hepatitis-C through tainted blood. The 3.5-billion dollar class action suit applied in every province except BC and Quebec, where separate lawsuits were launched earlier. Lawyer Harvey Strosberg expected more than 12-thousand victims of hepatitis-C and their families would be eligible to join the action. He said many of those people would not have been infected if Canada had only followed the US, which began testing for the crippling virus in 1986. (Canada didn't start testing until 1990. For that reason, the lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of Ottawa, the provinces and the Canadian Red Cross.)

Date: 1997-07-25
Placeline: TORONTO, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << there was a fundamental decision made save 10 million dollars and don't do the test some people would argue some people would argue that that is conduct that would require the sanction of the court because what it does is it puts economic considerations of above health >>