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1997-08-25 | Bouchard Shrink

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Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard said he knew politics was a tough business. But nothing could have prepared him for a psychological profile that questioned his mental capacity. The profile was done by a Toronto psychiatrist after the 1995 referendum at the request of Liberal MP John Godfrey. Bouchard called it a low blow and despicable.

Date: 1997-08-25
Placeline: QUEBEC CITY, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << but what I can say about that is that being in politics I know that politics is at the top profession adduction every way and that's you have to be prepared to receive blows but I think that the spectrum of blows should not be extended more than it is now and what has been done is being done now there's something for a low that think they're spies it anymore about it >>