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1998-06-11 | Tobacco War

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The BC government introduced precedent setting legislation aimed at re-couping some of the public costs of smoking. The plan was to charge license fees of 20 million dollars a year for the right to sell tobacco products in BC. The money would be used to fund public health programs. Health Minister Penny Priddy said she was under no illusion that tobacco industry would just sit back and let it happen.

Date: 1998-06-11
Placeline: VICTORIA, British Columbia.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we fully expect the tobacco industry to fight these initiatives to protect our children every step of the way their traditional response to any threat has been to dig deep in their Deep Pockets and try to stall any legitimate and necessary changes well what they're learning in the United States and what they're going to learn here is it strategy that strategy doesn't work any longer >>