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1999-01-28 | Devco Mines Reax

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There was a lot of anger January 28th in the wake of the announcement that Ottawa planned to walk away from Cape Breton's coal mines. Canadian Press reporter John Lewandowski had this report.

Date: 1999-01-28
Placeline: SYDNEY, Nova Scotia.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << Jim Noble for 45 year old devco employees work underground for 19 years stormed out of a meeting with natural resources Minister route good to L&M Coachella and Joe channel that was has the money being offered her Severance and retraining is a joke emotional on the verge of tears he said he feels like he has lost everything my livelihood Noble says he has no idea where he'll go or what he'll do to feed his family when he walks other friends calling for you for the very last time Broadcast News Sydney >>