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1999-07-04 | RCMP March West

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Those involved in the recreation of the historic trek of the North West Mounted Police reached their southern destination July 3. About 150 riders dressed in red rode into Fort MacLeod, Alberta after a 56-day journey that began in Fort Dufferin, Manitoba. Manitoba RCMP Constable Greg McLean said the weather made the going a bit tough. McLean was one of just 14-riders who was there for the entire trip.

Date: 1999-07-04
Placeline: FORT MACLEOD, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we've had over 34 days of rain on the trip and lots of it was in the mud we are tramping through and and people were opening up their homes and their washers and dryers to get our stuff cleaned so that we could get back on the road the next day >>