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1999-08-26 | Vigilante Verdict Shopkeepers

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A former Fredericton businessman who defended his store with a gun was found guilty on Aug. 25 of careless use of a firearm. George MacFarlane became a hero to shopkeepers after he shot at robbers fleeing his store the previous winter. MacFarlane's lawyer Brian Munro said his client and many other businessmen were sometimes left with few options.

Date: 1999-08-26
Placeline: FREDERICTON, New Brunswick.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << who's Society it there today that's a lot of break-ins more violence there's things that seem to be happening where there is frustration because the police can't be everywhere at all times and this is one of those examples where they can't be everywhere at all times and he thought he was doing something that would least prevent the thieves from breaking into a store >>