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1999-10-08 | Clinton Canadian Unity

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On Friday, October 8th, US President Bill Clinton laid out what he considered bona fide reasons for territories seeking independence. He told his audience the notion of the people seeking independence for a meaningful political existence is questionable in a global economy. Canadian Press reporter Dan Dugas had this report.

Date: 1999-10-08
Placeline: MONT TREMBLANT, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the president gave us an example the horrible conditions under which the people of East Timor side Independence he said even there it would have been preferable to work within the Federation wouldn't it have been better if they could have found their religious cultural or ethnic and their economic footing in genuine self government Quizlet that certain criteria have to be mad to make Independence a last resort including human rights abuses or constraints against languages that religion Dan duka Broadcast News Mont Tremblant come back >>