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1999-10-20 | Bouchard Language

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Premier Lucien Bouchard says Quebec is still threatened and needs protection. Bouchard was reacting to a judge's decision which struck down a key section of the province's sign laws. And he explained why Quebec is appealing the ruling. (Judge Danielle Cote ruled October 20th that the provincial government hadn't proven that French was still in jeopardy in Quebec. The judgement was on a challenge to the part of the sign law that requires French to be more predominant than other languages on store signs.)

Date: 1999-10-20
Placeline: LOS ANGELES, California.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << for many many debates and a lot of attention we have reached a situation where we can chat there better have a linguistic instability in the morning go back and we don't want it to be disturbed by this. That's why we have asked Superior Court to look into it >>