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2000-10-25 | Markets Nortel

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A big drop in the price of Nortel shares on Oct. 25 resulted in the TSE 300 losing 840 points. Tom Caldwell, chairman of Caldwell Securities, said Nortel accounted for more than 30 per cent of the TSE 300. In percentage terms, the 8.12 per cent loss was well short of the record 11.3 per cent decline in the crash of Oct. 19, 1987.

Date: 2000-10-25
Placeline: TORONTO, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << typically such a heavily weighted socks at does Nortel will have a propensity to drag other stocks into the decline with it and we might see this decline go for a day or two days so usually what we call the second day affect once a news disseminated the us so you might have another hit to it but that there is a bargain hunt going on now >>