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2001-05-23 | Tar Ponds Meeting

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A US engineer recommended on May 22nd an area near the Sydney tar ponds be closed off. Richard Lewis, of an American firm that conducted a government study, said the site contained so much arsenic, children needed to be kept away. Lewis presented the findings at an invitation-only meeting for residents in the Whitney Pier neighborhood. The crowd was furious, as demonstrated by these unidentified residents. (Lewis' findings were the first part of a study into whether or not area toxins were making the residents of Whitney Pier sick. The infamous tar ponds were Canada's worst toxic waste site. They contained about 700-thousand tones of toxic sludge from almost a century of steelmaking.)

Date: 2001-05-23
Placeline: SYDNEY, Nova Scotia.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 21 seconds

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