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2002-04-05 | Sask Water Inquiry

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The Saskatchewan government and the city of North Battleford were caught in controversy following a report into a parasite outbreak in the city's water supply in 2001. Both faced lawsuits filed in relation to the health crisis. Grant Scharfstein, one of the lawyers for a group behind the court action, accused both governments of throwing up a smoke screen.

Date: 2002-04-05
Placeline: NORTH BATTLEFORD, Saskatchewan.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I'm going to ask him to comment on the lawsuit what I'm asking him to do his answer to the very serious concerns raised by Justice Lange in his report and they've answered to nothing it had this report for 8 days and they're using I think the lawsuit is a smokescreen to say we won't comment on our past bad activities >>