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2003-05-11 | Afghan Canada Remembrance Day

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A wind-swept Remembrance Day ceremony at Camp Julien in Kabul was dedicated to six Canadians killed while on duty in Afghanistan. Reporter Terry Pedwell said the memorial was dedicated as a reminder of the courage and patriotism of Sergeant Marc Leger, Corporal Ainsworth Dyer, Private Richard Green, Private Nathan Smith, Sergeant Robert Short and Corporal Robbie Beerenfenger.

Date: 2003-05-11
Placeline: KABUL, Afghanistan.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 20 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << hundreds of troops to done waveringly detention is a dust filled their eyes and their lungs in a permanent Stone Memorial was dedicated to the 6 Canadian soldiers killed while on duty here in Afghanistan Lieutenant General Rick Hillier spoke to the Troops following the ceremony calling the 2-ton Memorial A fitting tribute >>