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2004-04-20 | Cdn lraq Kidnapped

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Canadian aid worker Fadi Fadel returned home after he was held captive by Iraqi insurgents for almost 10 days. He was greeted April 20th by his mother, father and younger brother at Montreal's Trudeau International airport. Fadel said it was the moment he had been praying for since he was taken hostage. (Fadel was working for the New York-based lnternational Rescue Committee when he was grabbed from his residence in the middle of the night on April 7th.)

Date: 2004-04-20
Placeline: MONTREAL, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I'm not I'm very happy I'm excited I had that I was I was thinking about this like since the first day I was I was taken away and I was spraying all the time that this is going to come soon and it finally came so I'm pretty happy about it >>