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2005-09-23 | Gas Panic Montage

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There was a wave of panic buying in Montreal on September 23rd as gas prices jumped by 75 cents a liter overnight at some gas stations. Like in other parts of Canada, there were long lineups as motorists waited to fill up at over a dollar a liter. Motorists who waited at the pumps said they feared oil companies would jack up prices because of recent hurricanes in the US. (Some gas stations were charging nearly two dollars a liter.)

Date: 2005-09-23
Placeline: MONTREAL, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 25 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << I saw the cars lining up and I heard about the hurricane in the states Rita and that's what brought me here definitely it's it's a short-term panic I think in a week or so and a hurricane goes away and no no big damages the prices will come down can't do anything about it just keep driving keep spending more money I think the oil companies are filling your pockets and that's about it and it's speculation it's too high from all these set hurricane >>