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2006-03-31 | Mexico Cdns Killed

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The slayings of a Canadian couple at a Mexican resort received the attention of Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a summit in Cancun on March 31st. Two Ontario women named as possible suspects asked Harper to help clear their names. Harper would only say Canadian and Mexican officials were working on the case. (Mexican authorities claimed it was a Canadian who killed the Woodbridge, Ontario couple at a Cancun-area resort in February. But Edward Greenspan, the lawyer for the Ianiero family, said for obvious political and tourism related reasons, Mexican officials refused to concede the crime was committed by a local person.)

Date: 2006-03-31
Placeline: CANCUN, Mexico.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we're fully apprised of the situation I could just add one small thing which is that we're told once again I think we've been saying this repeatedly for sometime there is no extradition a pending extradition to man pending nor is there one anticipated in the near future >>