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2006-05-26 | Afghan Canada Goddard

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Hundreds packed a Calgary church May 26th for the military funeral of Canada's first female combat soldier to die in action. Nichola Goddard (GAW'-derd) was killed in an attack by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. Major L.M. McGarry, commanding officer First Regiment Canadian Horse Artillery, remembered the 26-year-old Goddard as an outstanding leader and soldier. (Goddard was the 17th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan.)

Date: 2006-05-26
Placeline: CALGARY, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << her dedication to soldiers under her command was unwavering her calm character and Persona we're always present whether as a student at the Royal Military College training in the Shiloh area fighting forest fires in British Columbia for conducting combat operations in Afghanistan >>