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2007-05-14 | Duceppe Bloc

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Bloc Quebecois MPs gave their leader Gilles Duceppe a vote of confidence on May 14th, despite an embarrassing flip-flop that saw him enter -- and promptly leave -- the PQ leadership race. Liberal leader Stephane Dion said Duceppe's overnight change of heart about seeking the leadership of the Parti Quebecois didn't help his credibility. Dion said the Bloc leader just did not think it through. (Duceppe said his decision to run had been a mistake motivated by a snap decision to answer those critics who declared he'd never do it.)

Date: 2007-05-14
Placeline: MONTREAL, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 24 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << I don't think it helps to flip flop like this when when you decide to it to run for the dealership in the party do you supposed to have talked about that you supposed to be convinced that you have that to offer and you should not change your mind only because of poles are unexpected difficulties but this being said you still do SAP in the block should not be underestimated >>