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2007-08-28 | Truscott Decision

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On August 28th, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled Steven Truscott the youngest Canadian to ever face a death sentence, was the victim of a "miscarriage of justice" nearly half a century ago. Ontario's highest court acquitted Truscott of the 1959 rape and murder of 12-year-old Lynne Harper. Truscott was asked if he still believed in the court system. (Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant told a news conference within minutes of the decision being released that the Crown had no plans to mount an appeal. He also delivered an apology. But Truscott said the apology was not sincere.)

Date: 2007-08-28
Placeline: TORONTO, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 10 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << I have more faith in the court system today than I did yesterday >>