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2007-11-27 | Mulroney Schreiber

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A warrant was issued November 27th by the Speaker of the Commons compelling Canadian-German businessman Karlheinz Schreiber to testify before the ethics committee. The rare move was made after the justice minister refused to ensure Schreiber could appear. Ethics committee chairman Paul Szabo explained the Speaker's warrant doesn't hold sway over the courts like the minister does. (The committee wants Schreiber to explain why he gave 300-thousand dollars in cash to Brian Mulroney in the 1990s, and whether their arrangement impacts a 2.1 million-dollar libel settlement Mulroney won out of court from the Canadian government.)

Date: 2007-11-27
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 18 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << the speaker's warrants is a facilitation document it does not in itself have the power to do anything is almost like a letter of reference from the Full House >>