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2008-04-03 | Olympics Harper Olympics

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced April 3rd that Canada would send a high-level delegation to the Beijing Olympics, but he would not attend. China's violent crackdown on riots in Tibet had prompted human rights groups to call for a boycott of the Games. Harper urged China to respect human rights. (Harper said he never intended to go to the Beijing Olympics, and was not inspired to boycott the event as a result of the situation in Tibet. Meanwhile, a Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey indicated most Canadians wanted to protest China's human-rights record, but not by keeping their athletes home.)

Date: 2008-04-03
Placeline: BUCHAREST, Romania.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << and I would also encourage the government of China to understand that it's growing well it's growing importance in the world and of course the profile of the Olympics will put the greater and greater Spotlight on its record in this regard >>