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2008-11-27 | Fiery Crash

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Seven people from Alberta were killed November 27th when their SUV crashed on an interstate highway in Colorado. Fingerprints and dental work were needed to identify the charred remains of the five adults and two children. State Trooper David Hall said it was one of the worse accidents he's seen. (The Chevy Suburban plunged off an overpass and sailed about 15 meters before hitting a concrete embankment and bursting into flames.)

Date: 2008-11-27
Placeline: DENVER, Colorado.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << with it being seven human lies it including at least two children and infant and a toddler it's an awful awful tragedy compounded by the fact that Thanksgiving day here in Colorado this is really hard for the people on seeing they and they took a really tough >>