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2009-03-23 | BIZ Suncor PetroCan

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Suncor Energy and formerly government-owned Petro-Canada announced plans to team-up and create a 43.3-billion dollar global energy giant. Executives from both firms said the new company would thrive in the economic downturn. Suncor CEO Rick George -- president and CEO of the new company -- said it was very exciting. (Shareholders gave the union their blessing in June and the Competition Bureau approved the merger in July.)

Date: 2009-03-23
Placeline: CALGARY, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I don't know if the marriage of Suncor and Patrick Canada is really a marriage made in heaven or not but what I will tell you it is certainly a match made in Canada you think about it Athabasca Sarnia Terra Nova we got to spread across this entire country >>