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2009-06-10 | Raitt Apology

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Lisa Raitt finally said she was sorry. The natural resources minister offered a belated and teary apology June 10th for describing the shortage of isotopes used in cancer tests as a "sexy" issue from which she could benefit politically. (Raitt had earlier refused to apologize despite heavy criticism from the Opposition and the public. Outraged cancer survivors and their supporters demanded Raitt resign -- or at least apologize -- for remarks they considered to be insensitive and calculating. The rookie minister made the controversial comments in a private conversation with her aide, which was accidentally caught on tape.)

Date: 2009-06-10
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 19 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << as somebody who has had in their personal life and deeply affected by cancer my intent was certainly not to show any disrespect for cancer victims survivors or their families >>