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2009-10-23 | Unger Freedom

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A man who spent 14 years in prison for first-degree murder had his name cleared on October 23rd. The Crown announced in a Winnipeg courtroom that it had no evidence against Kyle Unger, who was wrongly convicted of the 1990 killing of a teenage girl at a rock concert. The acquittal, rather than just a stay of the charges, was a Canadian first. Unger said it was a long, hard journey. (Unger was found guilty in the death of Brigitte Grenier, partly because a forensics expert testified that a hair found on the victim's body belonged to Unger.)

Date: 2009-10-23
Placeline: WINNIPEG, Manitoba.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the hardest part waiting for it to come to an end it's a long journey like I said it's a long time and coming >>