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2010-01-13 | Haiti Earthquake

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Friends and family mourned a 67-year-old Ontario nurse who died in an earthquake in Haiti. Yvonne Martin of Elmira had arrived in Haiti just 90 minutes before the quake hit. She was leading a group that was going to provide medical support in poor northern communities. Friend Bob Raymer said on January 13th that her family was saddened by her death, but pleased with what she accomplished. (Martin's body was found in the rubble of a guest house that had collapsed. A total of 58 Canadians died in the magnitude 7.3 earthquake.)

Date: 2010-01-13
Placeline: ELMIRA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << they are quite devastated at the same time they're very proud of their wife and mother who was doing what she loves to do and that is surface people to pay T all right to the moment of her death >>