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2010-04-04 | Sex Predator Pardon

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Canadians were outraged to learn former junior hockey coach Graham James had been granted a pardon after being convicted in 1997 of sexually abusing two of his former players, including NHLer Sheldon Kennedy. The move was brought to light by the latest person to come forward claiming he had been sexually abused as a teen by James. Kennedy said he feared for the safety of other youth. (The pardon was issued in 2007, but only became public after the new accuser came forward and spoke to Winnipeg Police.)

Date: 2010-04-04
Placeline: CALGARY, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << my concern of him being able to be involved with our youth and that was my biggest concern in my first concern was does this give him the right now to slide under the radar screen of Kelis screening and phenotype able to walk in and become a teacher become a coach or whatever it may be >>