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2010-06-15 | MP Expenses

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Members of Parliament decided June 15th to let Auditor General Sheila Fraser look at their books after all. The deal was announced by Conservative House leader Jay Hill, Liberal Marcel Proulx and Fraser as the House of Commons winded down toward its summer recess. But Fraser said if her office found one member of Parliament spent taxpayers' money inappropriately, they wouldn't be publicly identified. (Politicians of all stripes were getting hammered in public opinion polls, call-in shows and newspaper editorials over their reluctance to permit the auditor general's office to examine 500 million dollars in annual parliamentary spending.)

Date: 2010-06-15
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << if it is an individual case that is not representative of spending of members across across our audit we would not we are not going to invent individual cases >>