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2010-10-29 | Passenger Disguise

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On October 29th, a young Asian man managed to board an Air Canada flight in Hong Kong destined for Vancouver wearing a remarkably realistic-looking silicone flesh tone mask to make him look like an elderly Caucasian gentleman. He was later detained after trying to enter Canada under false pretenses and in early November he sought refugee status. Commenting on November 5th, Government House Leader John Baird said he was glad authorities apprehended the young man, but more questions needed to be asked. (Border services officials believe the young man managed to get on the plane with nothing more than an Aeroplan card and a boarding pass that he somehow obtained from a 55-year-old American passenger.)

Date: 2010-10-29
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 13 seconds

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