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2011-01-10 | Mayerthorpe Inquiry

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Nearly six years after the Mayerthorpe massacre, a fatality inquiry began January 10th in Alberta into the fatal shootings of four RCMP constables by gunman James Roszko. Doreen-Jewell-Duffy, the mother of slain constable Anthony Gordon, said it would be tough to relive the tragedy all over again. (The inquiry was aimed at determining the cause and circumstances of the deaths in March 2005 but could not lay blame.)

Date: 2011-01-10
Placeline: STONY PLAIN, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it's important to find out what happened to the four boys and they will never happen again what is the biggest question in your mind as you walk in here today what do you want answered what happened and why >>