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2011-02-09 | Chopper Crash Report

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A Transportation Safety Board report into the deadly Cougar Flight 491 helicopter crash off Newfoundland recommended grounding flights over seas that are too rough for a survivable emergency landing. Board chairwoman Wendy Tadros told a news conference February 9th in St. John's that another recommendation dealt with loss of oil pressure. (The TSB said there were a total of 16 factors that led to the crash of Cougar Flight 491. The two pilots and 15 passengers died when the chopper went out of control and crashed on March 12th, 2009. One person survived.)

Date: 2011-02-09
Placeline: ST JOHN'S, Newfoundland and Labrador.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 11 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << we recommend that all category a helicopters including the S-92 should be able to fly for at least 30 minutes following a massive loss of main gearbox oil >>