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2011-02-22 | Que Stop Strike

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The Quebec government passed legislation February 22nd ordering an end to a two-week strike by Crown prosecutors and government lawyers, considered the first of its kind in Canada. In a show of support, more than half of the top officials in the senior ranks of Crown prosecutors tendered their resignations, but the government refused to accept them. Christian Leblanc, head of the association of Crown attorneys in Quebec, said that was an indication of how bad things were. (The back-to-work legislation boosted prosecutors' wages by six per cent but fell far short of their demand for parity with peers in other provinces.)

Date: 2011-02-22
Placeline: QUEBEC CITY, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << at one particular time in their career day they asked to be management and now they're saying I want I want to quit I no longer want to be a manager and I want to go back to the field with Frontline prosecutor and they're told by the that the director know you cannot you will stay there and you won't move until I say so so that's what's going on right now >>