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2011-05-02 | FedElection Layton

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With the help of 59 seats in Quebec, Jack Layton's NDP became the official opposition for the first time. The party won a total of 103 seats, the most ever for the NDP. Raising his cane in the air in victory, Layton told jubilant supporters that a new chapter was beginning. (The NDP leader would not have a chance to see his vision of the future become reality. Layton lost his battle with cancer on August 22nd at the age of 61. Layton's widow, Olivia Chow, made a plea to her fellow MPs to work hard and stay united as they picked up the torch from Layton.)

Date: 2011-05-02
Placeline: TORONTO, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << guys are within my desire to bring a more positive and respectful tone to Parliament I look forward I look forward to meeting with him as soon as possible to discuss how we can get results for Canadian families because that's what should be going on in the House of Commons each and every day >>