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2011-07-05 | ENT Obit Tootoosis

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Saskatchewan-born actor and aboriginal activist Gordon Tootoosis died July 5th at the age of 69 after a brief illness. Tootoosis, a Cree from the Poundmaker First Nation, was one of the stars of CBC's "North of 60" television series. Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo said as a cultural leader, Tootoosis did a lot to bridge the divide between natives and non-natives in Canada. (Tootoosis' long career ranged from the 1973 film "Alien Thunder" with Donald Sutherland and Chief Dan George to 1996's "Legends of the Fall" with Brad Pitt. He was awarded the Order of Canada in 2004.)

Date: 2011-07-05
Placeline: OTTAWA, Ontario.
Source: The Canadian Press
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