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2011-08-14 | Kelowna Shooting

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A gangland-style shooting in Kelowna, BC left the leader of the Red Scorpions gang dead and five people wounded. It happened August 14th outside an upscale hotel in a tourist area. Witnesses said at least one masked man armed with a suspected automatic weapon sprayed a Porsche SUV with bullets. RCMP Constable Steve Holmes described what happened. (The man killed was Jonathan Bacon, the eldest of three brothers at the center of a BC gang war that's been responsible for dozens of deaths.)

Date: 2011-08-14
Placeline: KELOWNA, British Columbia.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 23 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << a white Porsche SUV containing several people both male and female with leaving the hotel by the front entrance exit road to the hotel on 2 Water Avenue phone number of persons Associated to a vehicle that has stopped behind the victim's vehicle began shooting at this way SUV the victim's vehicle then drove a short distance and then stop >>